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Director of Photography

Frank Prinzi is an Emmy Award-winning ASC Cinematographer and Director


Director of Photography

Frank Prinzi is an Emmy Award-winning ASC Cinematographer and Director



Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer Frank Prinzi ASC, has been an active member of the New York film-making community for years. Frank's eclectic credits range from feature films to television movies, from episodic to documentaries and commercials. 

Frank earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious NYU School of Film and Television. His range of work and experience covers many styles and genres. Frank photographed Al Pacino's passion project Chinese Coffee along with Tom DiCillo's cult favorite, Living in Oblivion. His feature film credits include: She's the One, 200 Cigarettes, The Real Blonde, The Best Man and the upcoming Wish You Well among others.

Frank's work in television includes Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the critically acclaimed series Life on Mars, Cashmere Mafia, and the hit TV Movie, The Lost Valentine starring Betty White. Over the years he has worked with most major film and television studios. Frank Prinzi's commercial credits include working with major brands such as Sony, American Express, Chevrolet, Cartier and Harry Winston.


Television Series


Television Series

“The Blacklist” (NBC) (3 Episodes)

“Red Zone (Pilot)” (CBS)

“Spotlight on Broadway” (Next Millennium Productions)

"Life on Mars" (ABC) (9 episodes)

"Cashmere Mafia" (ABC) (7 episodes)

"Lights Out" (FX, Pilot) Dir. Clark Johnson

"Law & Order" Criminal Intent" (NBC/Dick Wolf Films) (56 episodes)

"Mercy"(NBC) (9 episodes)

"Deadline" (NBC/Dick Wolf Films) (13 episodes)

"Witness to the Mob"(NBC/Tribeca films) Dir. Thaddeous O’Sullivan

"Gemini Man" Pilot (Warner Brothers/Fox) Dir. Josh Brand

"Mystery Dance" Pilot (Warner TV/John Wells) Dir. Rob Thompson

"Northern Exposure" (CBS/Universal) (44 episodes)

"Under Fire" Pilot (Columbia/ABC, Pilot) Dir. Don Scardino

"Gideon Oliver" (ABC/Universal) Dir. John Patterson

"True Blue" (NBC) (2hr pilot, 12 episodes)


Television Movies


Television Movies

"Firelight” (Hallmark Productions) Dir. Darnell Martin

"The Lost Valentine" (CBS/Hallmark) Dir. Darnell Martin

"The DC Story" (NBC) Dir. Jack Bender

"Firehouse" (CBS) Dir. John McNaughton

"Stolen Women" (CBS) Dir. Jerry London

"The Fig Tree" (Lumiere Productions) Dir. Cal Skaggs

"Dottie" (American Playhouse) Dir. David Gelfand

"Blue Window" (American Playhouse) Dir. Norman Rene

"Ask Me Again" (American Playhouse) Dir. Deborah Reinsch

"Journey towards Genius: Eugene O'Neill" Dir. Cal Skaggs

"Tad" (The Family Chanel) Dir. Rob Thompson

Living in Oblivion 4.jpg

Feature Films


Feature Films

“Wish You Well” (Baldacci Ent., Life Out Loud Films) Dir. Darnell Martin

"Trumbo" (Safehouse Pictures) Dir. Peter Askin

"Sidewalks of New York" (Paramount Classics) Dir. Edward Burns

"Chinese Coffee" (Fox SearchLight Pictures) Dir. Al Pacino

"The Best Man" (Universal) Dir. Malcolm Lee

"200 Cigarettes" (MTV/Paramount Pictures) Dir. Risa Bramon Garcia

"No Looking Back" (Polygram entertainment) Dir. Edward Burns

"The Real Blonde" (Paramount Pictures) Dir. Tom DiCillo

"She's the One" (Fox Searchlight) Dir. Edward Burns

“Sex & the Other Man” (Captive Productions) Dir. Karl Slovin

"The Grave" (HBO) Dir. Jonas Pate

"Living in Oblivion" (Sony Classics) Dir. Tom DiCillo

"Night of the Living Dead" (Columbia) Dir. Tom Savini/George Romero

"A Better Tomorrow II" (NY Unit) Dir. John Woo

"The Suicide Club" (Angelika Films) Dir. Jamie Bruce

“Pledge Night” (Scarlet Productions) Dir. Paul Ziller

"The Prince of Pennsylvania" (New Line Cinema) Dir. Ron Nyswaner

"Chief Zabu" Dir. Neil Cohen/Zack Norman

"Sleepwalk" (Ottoskop Filmproduktion) Dir. Sara Driver


Additional Cinematography & Credits


Additional Cinematography & Credits

"The Ice Storm" - Cinematographer (second unit) Dir. Ang Lee

"Stranger Than Paradise" - Lighting, Dir. Jim Jarmusch

"Half Baked"- Additional Cinematography Dir. Tamara Davis

"Paris is Burning" - Additional Cinematography Dir. Jennie Livingston

"Reno in Rage and Rehab"- Cinematographer Dir. John Ferraro

"Last Train Home" Pat Metheny- Cinematographer Dir. Jan Egleson

"Jungle Fever" – Camera Operator Dir. Spike Lee

"Do the Right Thing" – Camera Operator Dir. Spike Lee

"School Daze" – Second Camera Operator Dir. Spike Lee

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Short Films


Short Films


“Horn of Plenty” (40 Acres & A Mule Productions) Dir. Spike Lee

"Five Minutes, Mr. Welles" Dir. Vincent D'onofrio

"The Appointments of Dennis Jennings" (HBO) Dir. Dean Parisot 

"The Critical Years" (Dexter Films) Dir. Gerald L'Ecuyer 

"Seven Deadly Sins: Greed" (ZDF) Dir. Bette Gordon

"White and Lazy" Dir. Rob Schweber


Director Credits


Director Credits


"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture - Law and Order Segment (HBO)"

Law & Order: Criminal Intent" NBC/USA/Wolf Films (34 Episodes):

Icarus (Jun 19, 2011) – Director

Cadaver (Jun 12, 2011) – Director

Albatross (Feb 6, 2007) – Director

Bedfellows (Oct 17, 2006) – Director

Siren Call (Oct 3, 2006) – Director

On Fire (May 7, 2006) – Director

The Healer (Apr 23, 2006) – Director

Proud Flesh (Mar 12, 2006) – Director

Dollhouse (Jan 8, 2006) – Director

Acts of Contrition (Oct 23, 2005) – Director

Grow (Sep 25, 2005) – Director

The Unblinking Eye (May 8, 2005) – Director

Beast (Apr 10, 2005) – Director

Stress Position (Feb 13, 2005) – Director

Collective (Jan 30, 2005) – Director

Magnificat (Nov 7, 2004) – Director

Great Barrier (Oct 17, 2004) – Director

Want (Oct 10, 2004) – Director

Semi-Detached (Sep 26, 2004) – Director

D.A.W. (May 16, 2004) – Director

The Saint (Mar 14, 2004) – Director

Pas de Deux (Feb 15, 2004) – Director

Happy Family (Nov 23, 2003) – Director

Sound Bodies (Nov 16, 2003) – Director

Stray (Nov 2, 2003) – Director

Gemini (Oct 5, 2003) – Director

A Person of Interest (May 18, 2003) – Director

Cherry Red (Apr 27, 2003) – Director

Legion (Apr 6, 2003) – Director

Probability (Feb 16, 2003) – Director

Malignant (Nov 3, 2002) – Director

Bright Boy (Oct 6, 2002) – Director

Maledictus (Apr 21, 2002) – Director

Jones (Oct 21, 2001) – Director 

"Northern Exposure: "Sleeping with the Enemy" (NBC)

"Heavenly Road" (Pilot)

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• Won, Primetime Emmy 1992

Outstanding Cinematography for a Series for Northern Exposure (1990). 
• For episode "Cicely".

American Society of Cinematographers, USA 1993

• Nominated, ASC Award

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Regular Series for Northern Exposure (1990). 

Primetime Emmy Awards 1993

• Nominated, Primetime Emmy

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography for a Series for Northern Exposure (1990). 
• For episode "Revelations".