WISH YOU WELL (Life Out Loud Films, 2013)

Director: Darnell Martin Producer: David Baldacci


CHINESE COFFEE (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2000)

Director: Al Pacino Producer: Anne D'Amato

NO LOOKING BACK (Good Machine, 1998)

Director: Edward Burns Producer: Robert Redford

The Grave.jpg

THE GRAVE (The Kushner-Locke Company, 1996)

Director: Jonas Pate Producer: Donald Kushner


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (21st Century Film Corporation, 1990)

Director: Tom Savini Producer: Menahem Golan


THE PRINCE OF PENNSYLVANIA (Columbia Pictures Corporation, 1988)

Director: Ron Nyswaner Producer: Sara Risher

TRUMBO (Safehouse Pictures, 2007) 

Director: Peter Askin Producer: Will Battersby


THE BEST MAN (Universal Pictures, 1999)

Director: Malcom D. Lee Producer: Spike Lee

THE REAL BLONDE (Lakeshore Entertainment, 1997)

Director: Tom DiCillo Producer: Terry McKay


CAPTIVE (River One Films)

Director: Karl Slovin


A BETTER TOMORROW (Cinema City, 1986)

Director: John Woo Producer: Tsui Hark



Director: Neil Cohen Producer: Norman Leigh

SIDEWALKS OF  NEW YORK (Paramount, 2001)

Director: Edward Burns Producer: Margot Bridger


200 CIGARETTES (MTV Films, 1999)

Director: Risa Bramon Garcia                       Producer: Alan Greenspan

SHE'S THE ONE (Good Machine, 1996)

Director: Edward Burns Producer: Michael Nozik


LIVING IN OBLIVION (JDI Productions, 1995)

Director: Tom Dicillo Producer: Hilary Gilford


THE SUICIDE CLUB (Suicide Productions, 1988)

Director: James Bruce Producer: Steve Crisman


SLEEPWALK (Driver Films, 1986)

Director: Sara Driver Producer: Otto Grokenberger